We are professional WP Plugin Development Company (WordPress Plugin Experts), located in Pakistan. We are WordPress Plugins Development Service expert working with customized Word Press plugins development services for our clients from last many years:

We have worked on a variety of WordPress plugins includes a standalone plugin for reselling purpose and for existing system or websites for providing additional functionality. We can design and develop any kind of plugin which you need.

We have developed more than 450+ WordPress plugins in our work history yet, We follow proper framework structure, handle loop whole of a framework, future adaptive functions/code, optimized code writing skills etc.

  • We developed plugins as per client’s requirements for any kind of business and for personal use.
  • We are expert in user-friendly plugin interface development services that work and compatible with any Word Press updates.
  • We develop plugins with one thing keep in mind to develop plugins with latest Word Press features and technology trends.
  • Our professional developers also available for any support the development of plugins.


Featured Projects


Property Quote System Plugin: 

This is a quoting site both for sellers and buyers. This site is for real estate settlements. We have developed some important modules into it.

  • Fees and Charges Management module: Developed quote system plugin for that, allows a logged-on WordPress Administrator to edit the threshold levels, dollar values, and percentages charged by Land gate, the Office of State Revenue, and associated service providers.
  • Get Quote form (Form): Through this plugin website visitor to enter personal and transaction information for the purpose of generating a settlement quote.
  • API integration: Passing data to Infusionsoft via the Infusion soft API.
  • Create a Buying and Selling Costs Calculator: A calculator that allows a website visitor to create an estimate of the costs for buying and/or selling, the calculator is capable of being embedded on any external web page. This calculator makes use of outputs from the Fees and Charges Management Module.
  • PDF Creation: Create the PDF of the quote and email to the user.

Bitcoin Payment Plugin for Gourl.io

Technology: # Magento # API integration

This is a Magento CMS project which we did for our client, he wants to have a working payment plugin for Magento 1.9x to use gourl.io PHP API to integrate with various Magento shops.

Payment Module: We have developed the payment module which is currently on three Magento sites of client, payment module for bitcoin transactions used.

API integrated: gourl.io API for this purpose.

Business Card Site Plugin: 
Technology: WordPress, Responsive Site, Design twitter CSS framework.

Listing types of credit cards that demonstrate features and specification of cards. User visit and glimpse all the information of card.

We enable its functionality so that it distinct different types of cards depending on various characteristics, prices, compare all the functionalities of cards also compare mobile features of cards.

We developed a plugin name prepaid cards. In this plugin, we add distinct features of the cards cons, & cards pros, cards rewards, card fees, card feature, and card combine features. After these entire card features, there will be the comparison among the cards.


Vizz Web Solutions Developed Plugins

Vizzwebsolutions wordpress plugin experts Document Importer:

A custom WordPress plugin created for auto blogging. The plugin will scrape the Internet for keyword related .xls, ppt, .doc, and pdf files. Then extract keyword related content from the documents for auto blog posting. It will then mash up all of the results into a blog post. Use flicker and Google docs APIs.

  Business Directory:

A customized business directory plugin builds up for a Legal Attorney Site. This plugin allows the visitors to browse the attorney’s alphabetically by last name (A-Z text link), by category (drop down list), or alphabetically by law firm name. Each attorney has a detail page showing their particulars, an administrative page for adding, deleting or editing attorney information.

  Converting Post Web page to PDF:

Build up a customized WP-Plugin that convert the Web page contents to PDF in a specified layout does not have advertising or branding.

  WP-Plugin using Infusion soft API:            

By using, Infusion soft API, create WP-users which are already the members of Infusion soft. Provide them with different options of Email templates, banners, shortcodes etc.

  WordPress Plugin (Top post and related post):

A custom Wp-plugin build-up to display the related post for a specific article and featured articles on Urban Ghost Blog as a sidebar widget.

  Email Post:

A plugin designed for a News website, allows you to email all the posts (stories from all categories specified) to a prospective customer. The plugin has too much-customized functionality. This Allows for selecting the categories and arranging them in order to preference. HTML document of posts sends out as an email.

  Blogger Reblogger:

A Plugin that allows the blogger to publish a post, re-blogger to republish it and got money from the blogger. Having a complete record of posts payments, earnings, etc.

  CSV to post converter:

The plugin allows the users to import CSV and give the option to select columns of CSV as a category, post, tag, author or date etc. It also provides the dynamic interface to arrange the post look and feel. Uses J-Query and provide the user with many flexible options.

  Twitter Voting:

The plugin allows getting the twitter post with different categories and giving the option to other twitter users to rate the post. Complete mechanism of voting, finding active users and becoming a Meyers.

  Product Comparison:

The next WSO will be launched on the Warrior Forum. The Product is a WordPress dynamic product comparison plugin which is aimed for Amazon affiliates. It is the only plugin to be available in the market of its kind.

WordPress Exam-Question Plugin:

WordPress plugin that allows a blog post author to specify a question to be answered (based on the post), and the answer to the question, so that a blog commenter must answer the question before commenting.

Banner Ad Manager:

WordPress plugin that ability to create block-spaces in websites or blogs for the purpose of selling them to customers who want to advertise their Banner Ads. The user can set the size, location, price, and time period for each block space.

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Others WordPress Plugins:

Article directory submission WordPress plugin, Directory submission plugin, Data Visualization plugin, Star Membership Tracking plugin, Student Assignment Plugin (Uploading files),

Categories Access with association to user role plugin, RSS feed auto poster (spinning) plugin, GEO blocking WordPress plugin,

Post article plugin, Title suggestion plugin, Youtube video Skins (Different phone, iPad, LCD skins, in different sizes), Small Slide-Up Widget,

PDF Teaser Plugin for WordPress, Custom Content Contributor Word Press Plugin, Google RSS Plugin.

Our Feat in Plugin development

We are following all the Word Press coding standards, and API integration, to verify all plugins we create are as future proof as possible. We developed more than 450+ plugin yet, for cooperate and personal use. Extensive experience in plugin development with complex functions, queries and database optimization.

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