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API Used: Social Media, PayPal payment and Infusion Soft

Keywords: Community site, #Social Portal, #Crowdfunding,#API Integration

This is a word press multi-site. Tools that we used are Codeigniter and Woo Commerce. API’s used: Social media APIs, Payment APIs, Infusion Soft APIs. Another key factor of this project was “Twitter tool” we incorporate social media mechanisms so members can get connected on the same platform. Also, database a structure that handles thousands above members concurrently.

  • Social media APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr)
  • Payment APIs
  • Infusion Soft APIs
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Silverline Cruisers

API Used: Google Map

Keywords: #Word press, #Booking site, #Responsive site, #Woo commerce, #Shopping cart

A woo-commerce booking site, where we add the seasonal booking features also with customization of woo-commerce. This site has B2B functionality, where dealers communicate with each other, swap boats, set availabilities and using auto importing and exporting features. In this site, we developed these features booking system, calendar integration, and auto check availability/ status, discount calculation, payment method integration, Order groceries system.

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API Used: Google Map, Google Translate, Google Currency exchange, Nada API, Trello API for call recording

Keywords: #Word press, #Booking site, #Responsive site, #Woo commerce, #Shopping cart, #API Integration

This is a boat listing website with complete inventory solutions, featured inventory, developed rich backend system for managing boats, selling products, dealers, payment process, services, showrooms, inventory complete parameters, payment calculate, brochure download, Google map integration etc.
One of the major functionality is to make your own product as per your desire (By using various filters).Complete boat details, also price comparison features, boat prices are getting compared. We are using Google Map API for getting dealer locations like there is a dealer and there are 5 locations that are stored in DB against that, so we render them on a map and after that, he creates child site against that location. This is a large scale site.

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Residential Settlements

API Used: InfusionSoft API

Keywords: #Word press, #Quoting site, #Responsive site, #Real State Portal, #API Integration

This is a quoting site both for sellers and buyers. This site is for real estate settlements. We have developed some important modules into it.

  • Fees and Charges Management module
  • Get Quote form (Form)
  • API integration
  • Create a Buying and Selling Costs Calculator
  • PDF Creation
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API Used: Google Map, Has to Offer

 Keywords: #Word press, #Charity site, #Consultancy, #Responsive #API Integration

Cause blast is the leading global digital advocacy network, specializing in pay for performance programs that drives results for charities around the world. This network helps to reach and connect with millions of online supporters every day by facilitating productive partnerships between advocates and charities. We made web application with following flexibilities Dealer to dealer, extensive back-end development; Google maps integration, PayPal etc

”Has Offer”:

API has used that consent to referral management which keeps track of commission against each ID. Users become sale persons after they have sign-up and are approved by admin, now they can view projects, raise funds and get a commission. Has Offer account is used to manage referral relationship. Each account encloses unique ID along with affiliated Commission. This helps sale person to acquire commission against each project. There are an offer and affiliate respectively to a project. Each affiliate is assigned an offer.

  • Google Map
  • Has Offer
  • Payment APIs like Paypal
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Bitcoin Payment

API Used: gourl.io

This is a Magento CMS project which we did for our client, he wants to have a working payment plugin for Magento 1.9 xs to use gourl.io PHP API to integrate with various Magento shops. We have developed the payment module which is currently on three Magento sites of client, payment module for bitcoin transactions used, gourl.io API for this purpose.

  • Bitcoin API Integration
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Drake Commercial Property

API Used: Third call API

Keywords:#Word press #Responsive #API Integration #Property Consultancy

This site intends to exhibit listing property. Basically, Drake Commercial property is well established, commercial property consultancies who are market specialists in industrial, warehouse/logistics, office and business etc. We have integrated Third API call to get the listing of property data. We implemented advanced search criteria so users are able to search on basis of the category, location, miles (radius) etc. Search results will be displayed once user filters from listing property. To view and get full details user have to get through a registration process and an email will be sent to an owner that a certain member is interested in this property.

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