Automate Social Media Plugin

Plugin Development, Social Media

It's a WordPress plugin that is used to post articles on social media. Grab articles through RSS feed and post it on client's site after that it will automatically post over social media. Post content from our own blogs (Monthly, Weekend). We have built a WordPress plugin that accomplishes various goals such as user's social accounts can be linked and authenticated, post articles on specific days at a certain time. Monitors specific news sites, gather articled from those sites and send an email. Each article that is selected can be auto schedule and posted.



Buddypress, Ecommerce, Responsiveness, Wordpress

A social community for the fashion obsessed!
- Contribute - Share - Discover -

Hauturely is an international community of highly engaged, high fashion-obsessed users who rely on the site for engaging style analysis and new designer discovery.


Crest Trader

Google Map, Multi-site, Wordpress

Largest Selection of New & Used Crest Pontoons!
Complete inventory system is managed to get your desire boat. Help users to compare boats by applying various filters! A complete follow is maintained for each section respectively.


Medicare on Video

PSD to HTML, Responsiveness, Wordpress

Medicare on video is a healthcare web development site that has been designed with different features to appeal people at different stages of health care option.


Business Prepaid Cards

Bootstrap, Responsiveness, Wordpress

Most businesses save more time and money than they expect when they start using business prepaid cards!



Multi-site, Responsiveness, Woo Commerce, Wordpress

Shopkula enables inventors to represent their concept providing them a helping hand with an aim to provide time and resources needed to bring these innovations to life. Shopkula website enables products listing and categories. This site contains all featured products along with their details.



Google Map, Woo Commerce, Wordpress

“Cruise the lordly waters of Ireland’s River Shannon with Silver Line Cruisers”
The application was designed with an aim to provide a platform to hire a cruiser and set sail on one of the finest waterways in Europe with Silver Line Cruisers


Red Apple Apartments

Google Map, Wordpress, Zend framework

Red Apple Apartments site is a property site that offers customers with fully furnished apartments according to respective needs.



Charity Site, Multi-site, Wordpress

CauseBlast is a central global digital advocacy network, specializing in pay for performance program that drives results for charities around the world. This network facilitates to reach and connect with millions of online supporters every day by facilitating productive partnerships between advocates and charities.


Cords of Steel

Ecommerce, Responsiveness, Woo Commerce

The Freedom Charger are able to charge hundreds of devices from Android, iPhone, Drones, Video Game Remotes, WiFi Head Sets, Go Pro Cameras, Charging Packs, as well as any other device that uses Lightning or Micro USB! This woo-commerce site enables customer to place order for cords of their choice.



Custom Post, Geo Tagging, Widget Development

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) strengthens transatlantic cooperation on regional, national, and global challenges and opportunities in the spirit of the Marshall Plan.



Braintree, Responsiveness, Woo Commerce

The website for Animals Control Solutions is online shop using woo commerce. WildThings is a project that allows a user to present services for animal control solutions. It helps those users who are experiencing problems with pest animal by providing with a legal economical solution to restore balance to the area.


NK News

Membership, Multi-site, Wordpress

Top rated site in North Korea!

NK News is an independent, privately owned specialist information source that focuses on North Korea. This site intends to bring authoritative news, opinion & analysis, research tools, repository, data and subject specialists together in one convenient place. 2-3 second loading time gets news from more than 100 resources.


Residential Settlements

Real Estate, Wordpress

Settle Without The Stress!

Residential Settlements site is a real estate property site that assures clients to provide complete and hassle-free solutions. This site makes the settlement process, simple and it will keep you informed every step of the way.



Crowdfunding, Woo Commerce, Wordpress

The Launching Branding-Building Community! Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by lifting monetary contributions from immense people. As Kulafunded project is a Crowdfunding site so normally it is based on three stages i.e.


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