Red Apple Apartments provides accommodation solutions from just one night to several months depending on individual customer needs. Growing demand from business and leisure travelers for alternative accommodation to hotels has encouraged many individual apartment owners to offer their properties for short-term rent. Red Apple Apartment’s mission is to simplify this process and enable their customers to come to a single place to make all their booking arrangements securely in only few minutes.

Vizz Web Solutions developed this big portal with various flexibilities like booking site, seasonal booking, it is complete real state portal with owner and management sections, with complete reportings and different type of bookings.

This is one of our major project in Zend Framework, we are glad to accomplish this project because that was completed with real state portal through owner and management sections with complete reporting and different type of bookings. In red-apple apartments, booking of apartments are made in Zend framework and have owner section and admin section with complete reporting.

We have implemented the Google map in different project, according to the client requirements, directions, markers, showing market shares, geo locations, linking Google map with filters, content geo-tagging  etc.