NK News is an independent, privately owned specialist information source that focuses on North Korea. This site intends to bring authoritative news, opinion & analysis, research tools, repository, data and subject specialists together in one convenient place. 2-3 second loading time gets news from more than 100 resources. Also, we made the aggregation plug-in which is for grapping content about 100 of sites, doing auto-categorization, auto-tagging, and many other features.

Nk News is one of a kind unique website which helps authors to shows their articles. It is a multisite project so that also leads to Nk pro and KCNA. In Nk new some of the articles are free and some of them are content restricted (i.e. they are paid content articles). Some NK News content is automatically pay-walled after a specified amount of articles are read, free, by each user each month.

Whereas NK pro articles are entirely paid content, users have to sign up and complete registration phase then afterward they will get subscription packages that depends on visitors choice either they choose daily or monthly packages once they have subscribed only then they are able to read articles. Stripe gateway handles subscription packages. There are some outsource articles that are through endowed through aggregators. We have gone through various phases of development for this site along with outshine functionality implementation.

Challenges We Accepted

Nk news is a major project as it is the top rated site in North Korea. We have integrated plugin and the most engaging part of this was its customization, not only this but also speed maintenance and fast response was a big confront. Moreover Git configuration and testing site properly are part of all challenges.  We are happy that we accept these challenges and achieved them successfully

The development of this website was a challenging yet a very pleasure filled and enlightening experience altogether so with this project we have gained experience of maintaining records of numerous users and article every day. We designed four to five phases of this project and as it is the highest and top rated site with a lot of visitors on daily basis. We are thankful for the opportunity and proud to deliver with our technical expertise and implementation capabilities for this website.


We have integrated leaky plugin and the most engaging part of this was its customization, also we maintain speed and fast response from the site. We also did Git configuration. It is the most top rated site in North Korean.




Chad O’ Carroll

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