This is a boat listing website with complete inventory solutions, featured inventory, developed rich backend system for managing boats, selling products, dealers, payment process, services, showrooms, inventory complete parameters, payment calculate, brochure download, google map integration etc.

One of the major functionality is to make your own product as per your desire (By using various filters). Complete boat details, also price comparison features, boat prices are getting compared. We are using google Map API for getting dealer locations like there is a dealer and there are 5 locations that are stored in DB against that, so we render them on the map and after that creates child site against that location. This is a large scale site.

We have implemented boats inventory system and let user facilitate by various filters. New and pre-owned boats can be sorted on basis of different characteristics i.e. year, model, price, area code and distance. There is one more section for user feasibility that is the comparison between or among boats. At hand it enables seller and traders to list down their requirements. Sellers are provided with three listing packages i.e. Premier, Basic and Free with certain duration so by selecting an offer which better suits user he can continue and submit. Traders are facilitated with Get Pre-Approved application form to submit. They can also collaborate with sellers. Moreover as we used google map API to get dealer locations that will help both the traders and sellers. One of the main key factor module that we worked on is the payment calculator so that help user to calculate their monthly income.

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