A website where you can start a business and building a residual income that can be passed from generation to generation. Basically, it is a community site with intent purpose of crowd-funding. KulaBrands have forum for community, guest, management and for all type of users according to their roles and rights, kulaforum.org This website covers main aspects it contains products along with details and also contains news section that brings up with all the latest information, upcoming event to be held, live webinars and social media integration. KulaBrands helps  to raise funds for inventors.

Members earn a Reverse Royalty any time a kulaBrands-supported product makes a sale anywhere in the world, as long as the member supported that product in at least one of the three kulaBrands pools:

  • Crowdfunding Pool – Back the inventor through crowdfunding
  • Branding and Marketing Pool – Social media marketing
  • Sales Pool – Sales through members’ ecommerce stores

 We have deployed many sections that are powered by Kulafunded. This is word press multi site, RSS feeds about the news section, events, webinars and much more. We have developed plug-in for email template for those members who are participating in event to be held so they are able to register themselves.

  • We have used Jupiter Theme
  • For responsive slider we have used plug-in
  • Another plugin is used to display clean, customization and responsive Instagram feeds

One section that we have integrated is to connect users. They can stay connected via social networks i.e. Facebook, twitter, instagram.

To help users to get better understanding of crowding funding platform free webinars are provided and for this zoom is integrated. Also a webinar infusion page is form is developed so user can get sign up.  News section depicts company updates that can be regarding event, launch of project, webinars or products etc.

In event section, we have implemented step by step proceedure for users. First of all they will get register if they wants to attend event that is to be held. Event schedule is followed for entire event details. User can get nline registration pass. All information will be received and an email will also be sent to members. For exporting we had written a script that fetches data to CVS. We also have facilitaed users with live streaming option. Stripe gateway payment method is used to manage payments.

Overall we have a great experience and we have learnt alot . We gained much information and had enchance our capabilities.

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